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The Confluence of Big Data, Data Science, Analytics and Marketing
[There’s a] myth of what a team player is—introverts want to do great work for the greater good, but they need a place to have uninterrupted thought.
Mobile disrupts everything: Mobile technology is both rewiring consumer behaviour and enabling goods, services and processes never before possible. This means legacy companies will have to take a critical look at their business model through a new lens and determine how to evolve if they are to keep up with innovators and customers’ changing habits.
This is the 10th key trend (in a list of 10) for mobile per a JWTIntelligence study. They are all very interesting but we thought this one neatly and powerfully summed it up. (from: 10 mobile trends to watch | The Wall Blog)

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90 percent of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.
An oft-quoted quote but a good one and good intro to this interesting article about analytics strategy for the enterprise. (from Data, process, and people: three words that sum up analytics — Tech News and Analysis)

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Two-thirds of respondents say that at least half of their digital marketing budgets are driven by data.


Over just the past 6 months, the percentage of marketers who said more than 30% of their budgets will be allocated towards data-driven initiatives has gone from 1% to 18% (see chart below). This is a staggering increase, and I’d attribute this to greater awareness, availability and education…


There’s been a lot of development in the marketing technology space in the last 12 months. And there’s been a lot of discussion on the convergence of marketing and technology, and how the CMO is going to overtake the CIO on technology spend and control (Forbes, CIO) and how various…

Great read from ReadWriteWeb on the challenges enterprises have moving forward with big data


This, nominally, about startups but we think this list of metrics can be applied more widely to a lot of businesses. And it’s a great list with clear explanations and rationale for why these metrics are important.

Great list of metrics to measure your startup